A legacy vacuum brand

Hoover Vacuums came to us with the goal of modernizing their marketing mix and acquiring new customers. Their current customer base was over the age of 55 and were primarily being targeted with“as seen on tv” ads. While this strategy was effective, Hoover knew that they needed to acquire newlife-long customers that would be loyal to the brand. Through our work with Hoover, we identified a target audience of individuals in their mid 20s to early 30s who have recently purchased a home and are looking for household cleaning products & vacuums.

Brand Awareness Campaign
Within our general brand awareness campaign, we were able to purchase media through a variety of channels that spoke to a new, younger audience. By using a sophisticated digital strategy involving data-driven tactics such as programmatic advertising and social media placements, our campaign skewed the Hoover audience from 55+ down to mid 20s - early 30s in just two months.

Black Friday
As part of Digital Ignite’s ongoing work with Hoover Vacuums, we were also tasked with a time-bound effort focused on increasing sitewide sales over Thanksgiving Week of 2020.


Our strategy centered on an omnichannel ad delivery, incorporating multiple tactics such as OTT/CTV, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, programmatic display ads, and more. With a combination of custom modeling, retargeting, competitive conquesting, first party data targeting, and behavioral targeting, we were able to see incredible results making Hoover’s 2020 Black Friday campaign the most successful marketing push in the company’s recent history.

Through Black Friday 2020, Hoover realized a 277.45% increase in sales year over year compared to 2019. Specifically, we generated $408,410 Thanksgiving week (Thanksgiving Day -Cyber Monday) in 2020 vs $108,201.59 in 2019 for the same date ranges. The number of transactions increased by 209.32% (2654 transactions in 2020 as compared to 858 in 2019, with an average order value increase of 22.03% ($153.89 average order value in 2020 vs $126.11 in 2019).

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