Driving awareness of exit solutions for the timeshare industry

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA), the official advocacy group for the timeshare industry, engaged Digital Ignite to execute a “Responsible Exit” campaign to disseminate and promote safe and responsible pathways to timeshare exit.

A trusted, neutral space for timeshare owners to gather tools and resources. In an industry populated with dishonest players, our storytelling and content creation strategies positioned ARDA’s Responsible Exit website and social media channels as widely respected, safe destinations to gain tools and information on their pathway to exit.


Year to date, over 53% of timeshare owners who signed up to receive tools and assistance to exittheir timeshares can be directly matched back to Digital Ignite’s efforts. We continue to run thiscampaign and support responsible timeshare exit through content creation, organic and paidsocial media, and digital advertising activities.

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