Disrupting the Food and Beverage Industry

Gigpro is a talent search app created by food and beverage insiders. It is hospitality and city-specific. The app connects worker pros with talent-needy restaurants, bars, caterers, hotels, resorts, and food trucks - anything hospitality. GigPro instantly builds relationships between employers posting available shift work, and employees needing jobs.

Find Work. Get Paid.

Find Work. Get Paid.


Gigpro asked us to attract a diverse mix of workers. They wanted an improved design reflective of owner tastes and a look that is distinctive from similar-appearing competitors. They also sought dramatic reinvigoration of stalled downloads, the yardstick for our efforts.


DI implemented a rebranding campaign in which we redesigned their logos, their colors and app, and their website, thereby changing user behavior. We gave them a non-corporate look and added testimonial stories to inspire confidence to join. We used social medial to promote these upgrades.


The app has expanded to cover not only F&B in Charleston, SC, but also in Nashville, TN, and Charlotte, NC. Downloads have increased from one per day to over 400. There has been a dramatic decrease in using Craig's List, Linked In, and hours of face-to-face interviews to find workers. Employers review workers' ratings and histories. Staffing has stabilized. Wages have increased. Restaurants are avoiding headaches and rapid turnover by retaining pros with prompt direct deposit pay. Workers have improved compensation and longevity. More restaurants have joined. Positive growth has resulted in local F&B.



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